1986 – Ford Escort Mk4

Advert for the best model escort! Including the XR3i & RS!

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25 Responses

  1. microsoft637 says:

    still around 15 000 of these as daily drivers in Bosnia (including me)

  2. i still run a mk4 1.3 as a daily runabout, very suprisingly for a 21 year
    old BRITISH built car it has no rust lol funny how they were common as muck
    now there rare cars unless its an RS turbo.

  3. david rowley says:

    i don’t think i know i have worked for vw & ford i have also drove loads of
    astra’s in their day inc 16v gte astra had a fantastic engine but the
    handling was borderline dangerous golf too heavy escort rs turbo had the
    power and handling just right in my opinion

  4. ive got a 1989 1.3 popular 3 door as my first car and it is easy and simple
    to drive and the engine is bullet proof, its only done about 65k, so its in
    good condition and i dont think that its failed an mot yet! best car you’ll
    ever find

  5. fruitnveg says:

    My parents had one of these!

  6. mrspivvy says:

    ALL Escorts from 1980-90 had rust issues. sills, floors and battery boxes
    were favourite rot spots on all of them.

  7. tonidmc says:

    the 1986 restyling was the best. I had a 88 cabriolet that runs and looks
    as the first day!

  8. escortmad79 says:

    @HSV521 Mine managed to rot out & it was a 1989 RS Turbo

  9. Don’t try an talk factual when you actually don’t have a clue. RS turbo’s
    do NOT hold away from rust more, in fact the RS turbo’s I’ve been around
    are minters on the outside but underneath those plastic body kits an
    underneath the car have mostly been a mess, rotten battery trays, sills,
    arches, fuse box in fact anywhere metal on them! Same with all RS’s. Think
    about it, most RS’s in the 80’s an 90’s were ragged by boy racers an out
    every day. The base models were sat in grannies garages mostly

  10. jcmanc72 says:

    Nice drop of Withers at the end there.

  11. WAYNE1977100 says:

    I have an Escort Eclipse 1990(H reg) in that nice shade of red, last of the
    line mk4s. These Escorts are so easy to drive and work on, and far much
    better to look at then the washing machines from Kia that are littering the

  12. Rsspecial1 says:

    No it wasnt, it was known as a mk4 escort and still is. It’s quite simple.
    Each mk is a differnt variation. You have the mk1 and 2 that look similar,
    the mk3 and 4 that look similar, and the mk5 and 6 look similar. This is a
    mk4. No argument about it.

  13. t1000eg says:

    it all looks so poor

  14. mrspivvy says:

    This advert says to me “you might as well buy one, everyone else has got

  15. voni b says:

    Yeh a have a Vauxhall Astra SRI, must admit a love it to bits great drive,
    fast for me cus am a girl lol, had a shot of a rs turbo think a was just
    scared to fast haha

  16. paul hunter says:

    why are all the clips so dark is it so you cannot see the car so well

  17. awsome cars were so much better than todays crap

  18. voni b says:

    your saying that escort is better to drive than an astra or a golf.???

  19. tjf4375 says:

    Mmm, all references seem to refer to it as the MK4. There were many changes
    made in addition to the facelift, including interior restyling and updated
    engines and drive train.

  20. Rsspecial1 says:

    @MidlandNinja Actually it wasnt, and you’re wrong!

  21. quidnova says:

    I had the 90 ‘bonus’, what a pile of crap it was.

  22. fordrs200e2 says:

    brilliant! anyone wants mk5 RS2000 advert, i got it. click on my name!

  23. david rowley says:

    those were the days lol still escort better to drive than astra or golf

  24. cripplewoox says:

    we had the 89 1.3 popular g reg,4 door in navy blue,went on loads of
    outings as a kid,i still remember the brand new smell of it,great car but
    never see them now

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