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18 Responses

  1. Mini Mort 2 says:

    I think it’s actually 76 due to the SD1 3500 at the end

  2. lewis1544 says:

    I had a red Marina. Luckily I survived.

  3. 1976 actually as the Rover SD1 wasn’t introduced until then. However, their
    cars were a mixed bag, the Mini was a dated buzzbox, the TR7 fell to
    pieces, and the Rovers and Jaguars of the time were very unreliable and
    badly made. However, the Dolomite and the Morris Marina weren’t bad and
    sold well, and the Allegro and Princess came right after a very bad start.

  4. Rob Beard says:

    No worse than anything else at the time, FFS sake, change the record.

  5. Derek Allsop says:

    1970s – car industry’s in uk
    2014 – ppi call centres hmmm
    Great Britain really ? 

  6. Derek Allsop says:

    Miss our car industry 

  7. This ad is from 1976 or 1977. The Rover SD1 didn’t launch until 1976.

    July 19, 2014 5:07 am

  8. I grew up in the UK in the ’70s, and remembering riding in a Rover 3500. It
    was a great car, lovely inside and comfortable. And of course, the Ferrari
    Daytona looks.

    So really, were the cars that bad? I suspect that there is a tendency in
    every country for people to disdain their domestic cars and fawn over
    imported cars. Perhaps it was this that sunk BL.

  9. blade0954 says:

    and then the strikes!!

  10. David Walshe says:

    Reg at 16s would not be allowed these days. Quite rightly as well

  11. 1977 this advert was from not 1975 hence it features the Rover 3500 and the
    Jaguar XJS at the start

  12. Patrick W says:

    French cars rotted, Italian cars rotted, Hell! even German cars rotted. It
    was the seventies after all!

  13. Brian Gilroy says:

    some good cars

  14. “Great cars and a great deal more” until you drive one off the lot.

  15. It can’t be from 1975, the Rover SD1 (that blue 3500) was made from 1976.
    Looking at the Morris Marina, showed when they enumerate all BL makers, you
    can see it’s a 1978 model. The add is therefore from between 1978 and 1980,
    when they stopped making cars like Austin Maxi, the Marina and Triumph
    Dolomite, all showed in the add.

  16. +Aut0five Agreed but many other manufacturers from this period, including
    Italian & French cars, were dreadful rot boxes and horribly unreliable,
    too. Fiat, Lancia (whose cars suffered engines falling out of their
    mountings, amongst other things) et al were no better but still survive

  17. Haffschlappe says:

    Never had more problems with BL cars compared to Audi, Renault or
    BMW…they were good!