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26 Responses

  1. Ha ha here comes Noel Fucking Edmonds to sell you a skip on wheels roflmao

  2. bunter6 says:

    Hahaha I had 3 MG Maestros in my younger days and none of them sounded like
    they had a rorty V6 under the bonnet. They got away with so much more in
    80’s ad’s :-)

  3. citroeno says:

    Whats more its British thats why German cars of the same age are still on
    the road when British cars are scrapped tears ago

  4. MrBuckley123 says:

    we do not make cars no more in the uk

    • mick says:

      Don’t make cars in the UK? Built well over one million cars in the UK last year. Nissan Honda Toyota vauxhall jaguar land rover mini…

  5. chelfing says:

    Great find. Rover have been bought by Chelfing Automotive, who have
    re-launched the Maestro, as the *ahem* my-stro…. google it….

  6. Andyc18 says:

    LOL Montego.. STYLISH!!??

  7. the worsed cars ever

  8. Or the British government should get them back before we loose everything!

  9. Matt Pennant says:

    Dad had metro. in 2 years, 14 call outs with RAC

  10. tiny586 says:

    @MrBuckley123 It’s a shame.. amke is what we do best in the UK lng live
    amke !!

  11. Gaussian9 says:

    It’s so cheesy that it defies belief…

  12. dtfageet says:

    Great. Beagle anyone?

  13. TCt83067695 says:

    snap did she just jump in the boot

  14. ukroads says:

    There are hardly any left now because: * We’re talking 20 years ago here; *
    They were not the best build!

  15. kazimann says:

    How times have changed.

  16. misterinley says:

    and noel edmunds presented Top Gear, no wonder he doesn’t no more.

  17. i bet noel edmonds had to lie through his teeth in that advert he would
    look back and say what a pile of crap they was

  18. i see quite alot of em down here xD

  19. Darwinion says:

    piles…. of…. shit

  20. Ben Smith says:

    this is funny to watch in these days, haha