1999 – The All New Ford Mondeo

Introducing the all-new Ford Mondeo. Featuring the latest Ford technologies including Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Ford Multi-Contour Seats with Active Motion massage function and SYNC 2 connectivity.

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23 Responses

  1. What a great ford fusion, totally isn’t a ford falcon either. 

  2. Great so now I need to go to ford when I need new bulbs thanks ford. 

  3. Simon George says:

    It still wont tempt buyers away from the usual German brands. People are
    sheep and too obsessed with self image these days. Too many judge others on
    the car they drive. Pathetic really and very immature. Stand out and be an
    individual. My choice of cars is based purely on what i like. I dont care
    what others think :)

  4. DioRonnieRJ says:

    It help pay youtube bigtime

  5. Andy Parsons says:

    They make the cars look great. When everything is an optional extra. They
    should be forced to advertise the base model. 

  6. Why are they so many fake views??? 

  7. monkehbitch says:

    So now I am forced to watch this fucking advert every time I watch a
    YouTube video. Flagged for spam. Fuck off you spamming pikey cunts. 

  8. http://youtu.be/oaXWekTdRfw

    Coming soon to GKRental #ford #fordrental #gkgroup #carhire 


  10. Great another oil burner .
    Shame you didnt try and do something really new like the Tesla model S or
    the S P85D or the new model X .
    Sorry Mr Ford but you are so far behind the curve .

  11. Raven Revere says:

    51 likes and a few comments yet this video has 369k views? About as
    believable as the tooth fairy.

  12. Genle men says:

    Nothing special
    Add only was nice

  13. dee bee says:

    When are these car manufacturers going to educated themselves enough to
    understand that this type of lighting damages human eyesight? Good luck

  14. Looks awful, looks like the ford fusion just even shitter. My dad had last
    years ford Mondeo n it was a pile of crap. 

  15. Genle men says:

    Так се авто,
    Реклама только прикольная

  16. Tek Thapa says:

    I am purposely going to tell everyone to not buy anything from ford,
    fucking bullshit advert making you wait!

  17. NEUROSIS2000 says:

    Yay for head lights what else?

  18. car cctv says:

    About 2 years late… 

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