1998 – Renault Clio advert with Vic and Bob

The final classic Renault Clio advert featuring “Nicole” and “Papa” from 1998. Featuring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer playing out the scene from “The Graduate”. 23 million people tuned in to see this finale when it was broadcast. Enjoy!

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25 Responses

  1. Good Ad, shit car!

  2. I’m a big fan of Vic and Bob. I remember when I first saw this on TV, it
    was a hilarious surprise.

  3. livc44411 says:

    good little advert,awesome little car

  4. leoseries says:

    Who did the spoof where Papa is kerb crawling hoping to pick up a
    prostitute when Nicole approaches his car – Nicole? Papa?

  5. methogonzo says:

    HAHA best advert ever!

  6. Zacho789 says:

    The flower girl was scared of Vic stamping on the flowers, hilarious

  7. Tom Euro says:

    It was the last advert after a running ‘advert series’ for Renault. Its
    amazing cos it plays on the stereotypical relationship between France and
    Britain. Think you would have to be British to appreciate it.

  8. it was a spoof of the ending scene in the graduate

  9. SquallMoogle says:

    I believe she’s married to Vic actually.

  10. rsuc says:

    thats brings back memories , i wonder what “nicole” is doign these days?

  11. grr619 says:

    BOB! YES! 😎 Brilliant!

  12. matelot95 says:

    Estelle Skornik (mmm)

  13. i loved this ad when i was a kid… brings back memories… thanks for
    uploading! 😀

  14. Stephanie L says:

    Lol, love it when she says BOB! 🙂

  15. squonkynut says:

    i’ve been looking for this vid for years! thank you so much!

  16. shaowpow says:

    Yeah, I was given the middle name Nicole because of this advert 😐

  17. I can’t actually escape this advert. My name is Nicole, I’m from Scotland,
    here a lot of us say papa instead of grandpa. Whenever I say, “papa?” there
    is someone on hand to say “Nicole?” Though I wasn’t named after the ad! A
    bit more personal reasons from my parents, hehe.

  18. samxbabes says:

    my friend was named after this advert

  19. …no, it was the last of the long-running Renault ads, marking the end of
    the Papa – Nicole adverts, with the introduction of the Clio mark 2.

  20. Not possibly, officially. 🙂

  21. powwattack says:

    Omg same 😐 I was given the middle name Nicole.

  22. Brilliant! I’ve been searching for this video for ages! My little Twingo
    film was inspired by the old Nicole/Papa adverts… take a look!

  23. cheesechoker says:

    What’s the big deal here

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