1989 – Rover Metro car advert with Michael Barrymore

Some tape damage on this one, but not too bad.

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25 Responses

  1. only pools and corpses

  2. Lovely little cars in the end. Don’t like the slur of a ‘motorized shopping
    trolley’ It was a lot more than that. When you filled up their tanks full
    of petrol they doubled in value! Very good investments.

  3. mrspivvy says:

    cluedo-I think it was michael barrymore, in the garden, with the swimming

  4. can’t believe this man would go on later and insert a basketball into
    another mans anus and dump him in a swimming pool. what happened michael?

  5. excluding number plates and delivery tight bastards.

  6. marcp85 says:

    Say no! Not to Austin Metro’s though. Say no to late night swims when
    you’re round to Barrymore’s house!

  7. do you know where i can find his DAZ advert back in the 90s

  8. trickstick84 says:

    His career is dead in the water.

  9. leedstown says:

    worse car ever made,truly bad

  10. do you know where i can find his DAZ advert back in the 90s

  11. the06bug says:


  12. £5575 isn’t much in today’s monetary terms

  13. jakexdk says:

    What an awful car

  14. supertrix101 says:

    Michael Barrymore is one of the biggest reasons why MG Rover went

  15. the06bug says:

    Five! Five! Seven! Five!

  16. from as little as £5,575 how much is that in the current figures? £8,000

  17. leedstown says:

    metro was a bag of shit,i had a new one in 1988. had a rover 820 twin cam
    in 1991 that was ok.

  18. funny how people who slag the metro off have never owned 1, there great
    little cars reliable cheap and handle like go-karts, i never liked them
    until i got 1 as a cheap runaround, i payed £100 for it thrashed it within
    an inch of its life for 6 month then got £195 for it, great little cars.

  19. colinsmyth99 says:

    no wonder they went bust with that oily cunt advertising them

  20. my dads got a rally car of one.

  21. steve smith says:

    @monsterjohn It came up in mine also strangely enough :/

  22. rozdog333 says:

    He forgot to mention how the hatchback allows easy rear-entry!!! 🙂

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