1985 – The Ford Sierra with Richard Briers


The Ford Sierra 1985 UK Television Advert with Richard Briers.
The Ford Sierra is a large family car built by Ford Europe from 1982 until 1993
The first Ford vehicle to have the bold new “aero” look styling was the 1981 Ford Probe III concept car. The good reception this received encouraged Ford management to go ahead with a production car with styling almost as challenging. This “aero” look influenced Fords worldwide

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25 Responses

  1. niall murray says:

    Class car but stolen alot


  3. I had a red one of these it was a 1.8 L back in 1997 lol was my first car
    bought it for £100 due to engine trouble, had more rust that could give a
    layland car a run for it’s money but was a good car regardless, it was also
    the first engine I ever rebuilt, though I didn’t mind the Sierra, it was
    the Mondeo that I liked the most, I later bought a 1993 mondeo 2L Ghia
    lovely car, now I’m a import guy, Toyota

  4. El Shuwix says:

    My father owned aftermarket Sierra 1985 or 86, 2.3D, and it had done
    totally 550k+ km before he sold it. It was rusty, interior was ruined alot
    ….. but he never (he made more then 300k km on it) have any costly
    service, engine, clutch, tranny all worked well.
    It was probably most spaceous 3 door car ;)

  5. Throwback Thursday with a Must Watch 1985 Ford Sierra commercial curtesy of
    our friends across the pond in the UK. http://bit.ly/17x6o67

  6. Throwback Thursday with a Must Watch 1985 Ford Sierra commercial curtesy of
    our friends across the pond in the UK. http://bit.ly/17x6o67

  7. bestamerica says:

    ‘ this car is okay,,, but front grille is not enough cooler air to the
    radiator and motor

  8. turpioSE says:

    I almost admired this car (because could not afford it then).

  9. 38Highbury says:

    pure Partridge.

  10. ash7990 says:

    I see what you done then, you missed out all of the shite ones between 1986
    and 07

  11. 666rivnat says:

    he’s gonna get some tonight

  12. ash7990 says:

    The Sierra is one of those cars that has aged very well, and in the right
    colour, trim and condition…..doesn’t look TOO old even today. Rover 600
    and Peugeot 406 are the same.

  13. yankeeville says:

    Oh my god the hideously funny way she winds the sunroof as if to say to the
    camera, LOOK IT HAS A SUNROOF HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT, so embarrssing to
    think only 20 odd years ago we actually used our own hands in the car to
    function it.

  14. carshionds says:

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  16. mrspivvy says:

    good cars. just stay on top of the rust, mechanically they were mostly
    bombproof..although I’m not a fan of the later dohc versions

  17. MoToRiStA88 says:

    @sanjayj1432 i live in serbia don’t have money for cossie i have gl, but my
    dream is cossie 🙂

  18. marmal320 says:

    I had a 1989 2.0GL – great car! Funny to imagine this car being ‘new’ now

  19. seacow1970 says:

    I had a 1988 2.0i GLS sapphire. It was on almost 260,000 miles and still
    going strong when I replaced it in 2000. It was using quite a bit of oil by
    then though, but the car was used every day on a 100 mile round trip
    commute for years with very few problems. It only got a bit rough if you
    left it for a couple of weeks, like when you went on holiday, it could take
    a while to get going again. It was pretty cheap to run and rear wheel
    drive, so quite easy to drift round roundabouts in wet.

  20. JJMCB26 says:

    R.I.P. Richard Briers

  21. MoToRiStA88 says:

    tnx for this comercial !!! FORD IS BEST!!! I HAVE SIERRA 86′ 🙂

  22. RightcarFord says:

    Love fords Quite like Richard Briers, Hate this avert. Great Post!!

  23. Leo Ashby says:

    Fords have always been great cars. Had the Escourt mark II in ’76 then the
    sierra in ’86 and now the ford focus ’07 model. They are all great cars.

  24. giles901 says:

    Adverts like this seem so quaint 28 years later!