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25 Responses

  1. Not once did I hear the term mpg !

  2. clap67 says:

    Excellent car!I own a 1986 3 door Sierra 20 i S..really nice!

  3. andy ruevy says:

    European version of that body style had only one engine – naturally
    aspirated 2.8 liter V6.

  4. mrspivvy says:

    I still run a sapphire diesel, great reliable comfy car. I’ll have it til
    it falls apart

  5. andy ruevy says:

    The saloon racing car on this video actually is a 2.3 liter turbo Merkur
    XR4Ti. The same body was used also by Ford Sierra XR4i, but that car had a
    2.8 liter naturally aspirated V6, which wouldn`t have been very
    competitive. So they used the XR4Ti instead and put a big Ford stickers on
    it to make it appear like a Sierra XR4i. And won the 1985 BTCC
    championship. I think that the American Merkur XR4Ti enthusiasts may not be
    very familiar with this part of the cars racing history.

  6. mrspivvy says:

    Hey! they left out my sierra! “Its a 67 bhp 2.3 diesel car with a 0-60 time
    the same as a 1960’s morris minor”

  7. dazzamccann says:

    What a classic!

  8. mpf1947 says:

    Actually GMC was already using the Sierra name in the US as an option
    package on full-size trucks starting in 1971.

  9. momosan says:

    great find !, my dad had an xr4i turbo for many years, he also had an
    XR4x4. I owned an xr4i once but never got it on the road =/

  10. 2litresierra says:

    sierras were the best shudnt of stopped makin them they had an
    indestructable engine (well until they stopped using the pinto) and were
    practical and fun being rear wheel drive

  11. joh2 says:

    Definitely a popular car that! In New Zealand, the WAGON model (the only
    Sierra assembled there) was actually for a time the top selling car there.

  12. PGPyramid1 says:

    I owned both of these cars, an 82 Sierra and a 95 Peugeot. The Sierra won
    hands down, the Peugeot was just a waste of time effort and money. I traded
    it for another Ford!

  13. akshona says:

    Thank God the North American version had a 2.3 litre turbo and not a 1.8

  14. focusrs2003 says:

    The XR4X4 2.9 was a very very fine car that did everything well. Good,
    safe, family car and when you wanted a little fun, just open up that V6 and

  15. Spookyd88 says:

    lol the specs are quite funny to modern day standards, but u gotta love
    this car, My Dad has one. 🙂

  16. pete804 says:

    gmc copied ford in the sierra

  17. Landie Man says:

    The vehicle details for C771 FHK are: Date of Liability 01 02 1998 Date of
    First Registration 13 09 1985 Year of Manufacture 1985 Cylinder Capacity
    (cc) 1993CC CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not
    Applicable Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour WHITE must of had a

  18. rolandbuntea says:

    the ending was horrifying

  19. 1984AP says:

    I love the music. The narrorator’s voice is very of the era.

  20. goldtoad55 says:

    That looks like a Merkur (Mercury) XR4Ti. There was another model called
    the Scorpio that was a delight to drive. The XR4Ti had problems with the
    turbo. Besides, the Merkur, pronounced Mare-Cour, had serious problems with
    name recognition and how to pronounce it. It lasted about 6 years here in
    the USA and then got dumped.

  21. Andy Parsons says:

    god i remember this first time round! 🙁

  22. akshona says:

    Had One, Owned one and yes your right about the americans not knowing about
    the history. I live in US. Too bad that car flopped out here. I loved
    mine…Had heated seats!!! No other car here at the time had em. Except
    mabye a Benz for 70k!

  23. akshona says:

    Sorry I meant 2.8 Type-O

  24. You never see Sierras here in Ireland anymore. They destroyed so many older
    cars in the mid-late 90’s. I loved Sierra’s (and other Fords) when I was a
    little kid. Dont know why, but it was almost an obsession! lol

  25. Ben Cooke says:

    i very much agree with dougisamug.Brigiolas your talking bollocks