1982 – The New Ford Sierra

Man machine in perfect harmony…

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  1. *Did you own a Ford Sierra?*

    This is great all the way back to 1982!

  2. See the price range at the end of the ad, to buy one now in perfect
    condition would probably cost you in that range, more if it’s an RS

  3. kansalta says:

    Ford Cortina with a slope. ;-)

  4. Back in early 1983 Dad was going to buy a ‘Maxi’. As you can imagine this
    filled my 15 year old self with complete horror! Luckily I managed to mount
    a successful campaign (lots of teenage winging) to make him reconsider his
    decision and buy a ‘Sierra’ instead!! Loved that car, learnt to drive and
    passed my test in it before buying myself an ‘Orion’. The ‘Sierra’ out
    lasted my Dad, Mum kept it going until about 2005. Now she’s all ‘Fiestad’

  5. a pity that most hatchabcks back then suffered from rust the only ones not
    to suffer from rust was peugeots. I would of gone for the cavalier mk2 back
    then front wheel drive electronic ignition quite rare in the 80’s. the
    montego was good for rep car or cabbie but they rotted away too.

  6. mrspivvy says:

    I didnt like these at the time, being a long time cortina fan. I remember
    most of the big fleets who had cortinas went over to cavaliers instead.
    sierras were ok, but you needed a 2.0 version for reasonable performance.
    cant believe I am saying this, but I always found the later montego a
    better driver’s car

  7. whonut says:

    @MoToRiStA88 Good Stuff mate!! Maybe I was unlucky.

  8. Andyc18 says:

    4-9k LOL, back in those days that was a heck of a lot of money. The
    equivalent to say… 30k today?

  9. kuma982 says:

    i was driving one of these, best cars ever!

  10. Designer’s dream … but the nightmare if you want to go on a holiday as
    the boot was really small of it. I liked the design of the Mk1 more than of
    the Mk2.

  11. WAYNE1977100 says:

    @sofasport I see a Y reg Ford Cortina 1.6 GL in Red around Southport now
    and again, I also see a 1969/70 H reg Ford Cortina 1600E in gold around
    here as well.

  12. Brian Rhodes says:

    What I remember about the Sierra whe it came out was how different it
    seemed (I was 10 at the time) but I remember being fascinated at the shape.
    I didn’t have any appreciation of how crap it was underneath.

  13. Gorgeous graphics… very futuristic

  14. the early sierras were really classy a couple of years later the quality
    seemed to drop

  15. MidlandNinja says:

    £9,000 would be about £25,000 today, about the same as a v6 ghia mondeo
    now, but consider the mondeo has a lot more than the sierra

  16. TSR1989FF says:

    I like both, my dad owned a MK-III Capri, pity a MK-IV never appeared
    Learned to drive though in a Sierra fastback, still have a soft spot for
    ’em, uncanny though how the Sierra’s appearance is very much like the Rover
    SD1 released six years beforehand

  17. ferni1glass says:

    que fierraso el sierra…. felicitaciones a los poseedores de esta nave

  18. blaster2012 says:

    A lovely looking car,but like all fords they don’t age well.

  19. Max404s says:

    Truly groundbreaking styling which still looks good today. Massively
    influential, although it took a while for everybody to get used to it. If I
    remember correctly, it sold a lot worse than the Cortina at first, and many
    people switched to the more conservative Vauxhall Cavalier.

  20. Coco Jambo says:

    In mi opinion a shitty car

  21. Joe Mulford says:

    Wow, when this came out, people probably thought they would be living in
    space by 1985! XD

  22. EakcoTV says:

    you’re right – they were called the ‘jelly mould’ and were considered
    pretty ugly

  23. MidlandNinja says:

    Audi 100 beat Sierra to car of the year award for Europe, that was a good
    car too

  24. I remember this advert when it was first shown. God, I feel old…

  25. martin nolan says:

    what i recall about the car it was launched in the late 70s and it was a
    8os favorite the mondeo never had the prowess of the sierra whann they
    first came out the mondeos a good car now but the sierra was good when it
    came out

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