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25 Responses

  1. 1100HondaCB says:

    I bet the woman driving the Nova gave a good blowjob. Especially with those
    secretary spectacles.

  2. Callum Price says:

    My dad named his fish nova after this advert

  3. Zero Ninety says:

    Should have made an advert that appeals to the two types of Nova drivers;
    one with a chavvy bloke saying “Dis is da new Nova yeah? It is well wicked
    innit!” and one with an old woman saying “Isn’t it lovely?”

  4. chris99140 says:

    All nova’s were good, i had a 1.2, 1.3SR and this GTE, cracking little cars
    and hardly ever let me down.

  5. Has anyone seen, or even better, does anyone have the Jasper Carrot spoof
    version with the driving examiner at the end shitting himself and asking
    her to do the three point turn?

  6. I think corners are great for those small cars. Why does they do rally with
    much hatchbacks?

  7. misterinley says:

    @Crazyconsultant in all europe besides uk, they were corsas, as was the
    cavalier called the vectra and the astra called the kadett among others…
    but im sure you know that, you was just giving an interesting fact, so dont
    take this reply the wrong way.

  8. kazimann says:

    The Nova in the ad lasted until 1997 apparently: The vehicle details for
    F560 OYE are: Date of Liability 01 02 1997 Date of First Registration 01 08
    1988 Year of Manufacture 1988 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1998CC CO2 Emissions
    Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status
    Unlicensed Vehicle Colour WHITE

  9. voon100 says:

    @R1CH130 The FACTS are infront of my face. Every Vauxhall cars I drive and
    walk pass all have the same problem and that is their bumper always always
    fade in colour with age, whilst other cars DON’T. Now explain that to me
    Vauxhall fanboy!

  10. DaveRob67 says:

    Its La Bamba by Los Lobos, a hit in the late 80’s. Great car, great glasses!

  11. aj b says:

    health and saftey would kick ur arse for driving on a building site

  12. misterinley says:

    odd, ive just seen a red nova on the road which i thought was an odd sight
    scenes as they’re extremely rare, then youtube reccomended this video to me
    on the homepage. weird…

  13. gerald nixon says:

    to @r1ch130, its not just vauxhall fades in colour i see all makes of cars
    every day which fade, though i do think red fades alot quicker than others
    i allways drive vauxhall my nova’s did”ent fade

  14. How much white smoke is that kicking out?! lol

  15. @Doomsday2060 Not really.

  16. R1CH130 says:

    @voon100 No they don’t Show me some pictures as evidence. I used to work in
    the car trade matey, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of cars being traded
    in over the years and I can assure you that other makes and models DO
    suffer from the same problems with paint fade. Vauxhall don’t manufacture
    the paint…….paint is outsourced from paint manufacturers, the same
    manufacturers that other car companies use. Oxidisation of paint doesn’t
    just pick on Vauxhalls lol

  17. VGAIN says:

    love it! I had a 2 novas back in the day first 1 a 1.0L then I got a black

  18. banzaiian says:

    great advert. the nova died at at the hands of the chavs but the advert
    shows it pre chav.

  19. enescorpions says:

    is this a opel corsa

  20. R1CH130 says:

    @voon100 Usually the other way around actually and it happens to just about
    all makes and models of car, so get your facts straight before you make an
    uneducated comment slating the Vauxhall brand.

  21. tazz121 says:

    classic ad outstanding car!

  22. Once driven for ever smitten, Better by design, and all the other catch
    phrases, vauxhall have tried over the years, still s*** though.

  23. MidlandNinja says:

    who’s the actress driving it