1978 – Morris Marina

1978 commercial for the Morris Marina

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5 Responses

  1. Al Hine says:

    Erm why doe it say Austin Metro? It’s a Morris Marina – they were only
    Austin Marina in North America!

  2. derekthesec says:

    A 1700cc engine would be too powerful for an 18 year old

  3. haribokey says:

    Corrected it thanks. 🙂

  4. joh2 says:

    When they released this Marina facelift to New Zealand in early 1979, the
    Marina name was considered unpopular with the buying public. Hence BL’s NZ
    distributors dropped the Marina name altogether, renaming the car as
    “Morris 1700” – it sold in steady numbers (particularly in wagon form), and
    was assembled here until the end of 1981.

  5. haha what a pair of gaylords

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