1975 Ford Escort commercial

very cool (!) Ford Escort tv commercial from the seventies!

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7 Responses

  1. Mofoe2001 says:

    I dont know why you got 2 thumbs down. I completely agree with what you
    said. Its pretty damn obvious.

  2. wallem89 says:

    LOL That Ford Escort song!

  3. ozzinabout says:

    My escort belched as much smoke as the ones in the ad, unfortunately it was
    grey smoke.

  4. palebeachbum says:

    That egg test is such a crock! You can see the support arms for that egg
    bowl jiggling and wiggling like crazy. No wonder the eggs broke!

  5. Dog328 says:

    did your car have a grey colour?

  6. Try to beat that Ken Block! 🙂

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