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25 Responses

  1. I had allegro the wheel fell off. The engine fell out. The gas suspension
    collapsed and it didn’t have a floor in the front. but it was my first car
    and I loved it it was great.

  2. Cody Crowley says:

    Haha the Allegro…or “All-Aggro” as many called it :D

  3. owen lewis says:

    I own an allegro estate, I’ve also owned a Lada in the past. Believe me the
    Allegro is the better car. By a huge margin. To Drive, the allegro is
    pretty much like a bigger metro.

  4. paul hunter says:

    no wonder the guy messed himself up in the shed. oh the shame

  5. Colin Jones says:

    “Can we try the blue one” lol

  6. wozzer2727 says:

    Oh dear, hydro-spastic suspension! Thats why all allegro’s leaned to one

  7. I don’t know anything about the Allegro but I just wish BL had just put a
    little more imagination into its design.

  8. citroeno says:

    I had FOX 886L it was one of BLs promo cars,and i catch a glimps on various
    old videos,it was photographed in the front of Haynes workshop manual,it to
    me down to st tropez camping and back and went fine,but then it had been
    pulled apart and put back together at HAYNES workshops.

  9. MrJezza31 says:

    hahaha bl tried but failed here i had an allegro the fuel gauge diddnt work

  10. eatalettuce says:

    Square Steering Wheel 🙂

  11. craig thomas says:

    Arthur fucking Fowler burning rubber…well I never….nice

  12. g8or8de says:

    Man, the monotonous voice really hypnotises you -_-;

  13. martin nolan says:

    looks like a Dover Amazon with 4 doors

  14. 1herp1 says:

    These cars weren’t as bad as people make out (usually people who have never
    driven one). Looks-wise it was ahead of its time.

  15. if you jack up the rear of an Allegro the back window pops out!

  16. My parents had one of those in turd brown.

  17. Paddy075 says:

    One of the four horseless carriages of the apocalypse. Marina, Allegro,
    Maxi and Princess.

  18. Is the guy driving the actor who played Arthur Fowler in Eastenders?

  19. 81MJT says:

    Lol see him struggling with the square steering wheel at 0:28. Bet they
    were pretty dangerous when needing to turn quickly

  20. alex ling says:

    cant believe it had 5 gears!

  21. Mr100duke says:

    My first car when I was at uni, fond memories, had to keep roof lining up
    with a broom because when you opened the windows it ballooned down and you
    couldnt see where you were going. You dont get character like that nowadays.

  22. nipperoid says:

    yep BL sold the car used in this advert and was used for 10 years!

  23. tiny586 says:

    Those cars were pure crap!!

  24. labyrinth95 says:

    I had two of them. A puke green,brown one and a white one. My puke
    green/brown one was a great drive but the white one was nothing but
    trouble. Good memories though x

  25. LMAO says:

    Bill Treacher is a legend, They should bring him back from the dead like
    they did with Den