1970s – Austin Allegro: Allegros Got Room for Five

Austin Allegro Car Advert from the Seventies – Allegros Got Room (Vroom) for Five

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6 Responses

  1. Mini Mort 2 says:

    Allegro’s got some rust, lotsa lotsa rust!
    Rust everywhere,
    Plenty of rust to buy!

  2. BearCubster says:

    I’m defending this advert…
    I LOVED IT as a boy in 1979 and I LOVE IT NOW as man 2015.
    It was something fun and quite different compared to the usual car
    you’all get lost.. you take yourself way too seriously.

  3. GodfatherXXI says:

    I really really love this commerical. I’m not kidding.

  4. Paddy075 says:

    What a lie! Sitting inside an Allegro was like being inside a wardrobe
    everything was that cramped, even though the outside looked like the car
    was pregnant! I see they cut the engine & transmission noise!

  5. Michael Lam says:

    I think this video would win if it was entered in the most strongest cheese

  6. Probably one of the saddest BL adverts ever. There was no redeeming feature
    they could think about.

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