1970’s – Austin Allegro Advertisement

A showing here of a 1970s Austin Allegro advertisement with a very 70s soundtrack. Shown for a bit of amusement with the classic Thames TV ident. This video is shown for the purposes of entertainment and information. All copyrights are acknowledged and remain with Thames Television/Independent Television and BMIHT. All rights reserved.

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25 Responses

  1. bufferbridge says:

    Had a metalic green LE “limited Edition” WAF 96T, bastards were
    everywhere,total shite

  2. markinosFM15 says:

    Great ad, even though the car was shit

  3. ianmax69 says:

    Top Gear did a take on this on the 20th aniversary of The Motor Show at The
    NEC in 1998 featuring Austin/Morris cars has anyone got it?

  4. Todd Fitch says:

    They’re like Lada Rivas, They’re so awful but you can’t help but one to put
    your arms around one and give it a hug

  5. I love these cars, and I have driven one, doesn’t drive like an ordinary
    FWD car, it’s different somehow, especially next to my MK2 Cavalier, I know
    the Cav is a different era but they are very different machines to drive,
    we owned an Allegro 3 for 14 years and regrettably sold it, I’d have it
    back again, and I could because I know it still exists! The worst FWD car
    I’ve ever driven I’d say from that era is a Talbot Horizon I didn’t like
    that at all!

  6. infrasleep says:

    @arobekie You’re right. I had an Allegro and it did everything but rot. It
    was burning 5litres of oil a month the engine reved like it was doing a ton
    when it was only doing 35 the drive shaft went and half the exhaust fell
    off. It was the mini I had that rusted to hell; it was like layers of
    leaves I’ve never seen rust like it before or since. They were £100 cars
    but total wastes of money. BL were an appaling company that made appalling
    cars.Soon as protectionism went they were rightly doomed

  7. My friend had an S-reg brown Allegro.It didn’t go too badly but seemed to
    lack suspension….if there was a bump in the road your head would hit the
    roof !! And this was before all the speed humps were brought in !
    Still,happy days !!

  8. Viv Southorn says:

    There was a reason it was called the “all agro” due it the multitude of
    rusting and general bad design and engineering. Brilliant though!

  9. BL product engineering at its absolute godawful best. A complete bucket of
    shit only beaten to the swirl in the pan by that horror: the Marina.

  10. juliosham says:

    Thanks for posting this. Saw this advert years ago as part of a Quentin
    Wilson ‘The Car’s The Star’ documentary on the Allegro and haven’t seen it
    since. Brilliant..love the 70’s twangy guitar soundtrack.

  11. It’s the puzzle of the age, I got to say if I got a mint Allegro and it was
    Brown, I’d probably respray it! I think brown just looks hideous on any

  12. WAYNE1977100 says:

    I found an Allegro 1974 N reg in a lock up garage 10 years ago, I am Ford
    man myself always have been. But my mate loves the old BL cars so i rang
    him up and said do you want a free Allegro, he still has the car today. I
    can’t bear to scrap any old car no matter want make it is. I would sooner
    give the car away for free to someone who will take good care of them.

  13. Mmm...Looks Good !!! Keep it Up !!! Please !! from [CarShionDs] Automobiles
    of [CarShionDs]. Thank you so much.

  14. katineli says:

    Yep, i was the proud (?) owner of one of these chick-magnets 30 years ago…

  15. Pestry says:

    The bloke with the white Allegro (34secs) is a bit clumsy. Surely they
    could have re-shot that? And what were they thinking having a two door at
    the front – all looked most ungainly.

  16. Brilliant, I always wanted an Allegro but my dad put me off because he
    worked at a garage and knew about their problems.

  17. @gunners1971100 at least since it’s brown, nobody could tell it’s rusty!

  18. arobekie says:

    @arganusai I dont think the allegro suffered to much from rot unlike the
    other BL cars,It did have other issuses though,Stub axles shearing
    off,Stearing wheel coming off and ive heard that the rear window was
    susceptable to falling out when the rear of the car was jacked up,LMAO when
    i heard that one.

  19. At least it had an individual STYLE – most cars now are boring grey boxes
    on wheels.

  20. infrasleep says:

    @arobekie I can believe it! Everything was wrong with BL. A beligerent (and
    frankly idiotic) union didn’t help, but even if the workforce were docile
    geniuses, the designs were so bad they were just putting together faulty
    goods. Management was bad..BL survived only because nationalised gas
    electric post office etc were forced to have BL cars/vans. The VW golf and
    their failure to match it did them. Shame ;they should have at least been
    on a par with Renault&Citroen of today.BL;how NOT to do it!


  22. Todd Fitch says:

    Sorta like Ladas, They so awful you can’t help but one to wrap your arms
    around one and give it a hug

  23. jarama64 says:

    This commercial is too cute! I love that music!

  24. Threetails says:

    No amount of polish could ever make that thing look better. I have to say I
    prefer them with faded paint and rust, at least it looks natural.

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